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Seasonality Matters in the Real Estate Market

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There are so many factors that influence the real estate market. The strength of the economy. Supply and demand. And, there’s one that we don’t think about too much here in Florida, real estate seasonality, noticeable trends based on seasons.


Let’s start with summer, since we’re right in the middle of it. Summer is the pinnacle of the real estate season. Since school is out, it is the perfect time for families to make a move. Plus, the weather is warm, and our family schedules are at their lightest, thanks to the lack of school and after school commitments. There’s absolutely nothing deterring us from going out to look at properties.


In regions where the weather tends to drastically cool in the fall, so does the real estate market. However, for people in the market to buy a home, fall is a good season. A decline in competition will always benefit a buyer in the form of a lower price point.


Obviously, the weather plays a major factor in the success of real estate during this time of year. But, that’s just one factor. There’s also a lot going on between December and February! In South Florida, the winter is a busy time for snow bird house hunts, when our neighbors to the north come looking for the perfect property to feel the warmth of the sun.


As the temperatures start to rise, so too does the interest in real estate and relocation. It’s during these months that people come out of hibernation and start to look at new possibilities. Of course, South Florida doesn’t follow the same seasonal changes the rest of the country does. And, while sales do fluctuate from season to season here, it’s not a drastic change. If you’re interested in selling your home or buying a new home, you can be confident that all you need is the right real estate professional ,not the right season. Send me an email today, and we can get started on finding the perfect home for you!

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