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Introducing A New Way To Buy Homes

Image Depicts a table with two tablets, a pair of headphones and an envelope with the Michelle Howland insignia with the tagline Introducing a New Way to Buy Homes

Societies are transformed with the advancement of technology. It’s evident in the fact that we’re constantly asking ourselves: “How did we research information before Google?” and “How did we keep in touch with far away family and friends before social media?”

Of course, working for a technology-driven company, I’m fortunate to have the most innovative tools with which to help my clients in their home buying and selling process. Our latest development, though, is by far the most advanced idea in real estate.

Collections is an interactive online home search tool that allows homebuyers and their agents the ability to organize, monitor, discuss and collaborate on select properties. It’s truly the first of its kind.

Similar to Pinterest, but for the home buying process, here’s what you can do with Collections:

  • Organize Listings: Choose a group of properties to start a Collection using Compass’ search tools. Listings can be added or removed from a Collection at any time.
  • Monitor Properties: Stay updated on pricing and availability of properties included in a Collection.
  • Discuss Homes of Interest: Start a conversation with an agent on an individual listing or start a discussion on the overall Collection.
  • Collaborate with Others: Invite your spouse, interior designer, or trusted friend to join the Collection. They can engage in the discussion of the existing properties, and add their own for consideration.

Collections is our way of facilitating the way we’ve become used to shopping. These days, every purchase you make – from shoes and clothing to homes and cars – is initiated online. In fact, 51% of recent homebuyers found the home they eventually bought through online searches. It also represents an enhanced method of communication. Smartphones have put communication at our fingertips, but with so many different methods of communication, it’s too easy to miss something.

This tool is making it effortless for me to stay connected to my clients, and giving me a better insight into their needs. To date, Collections has helped as many as 10,000 Compass clients. Let me help you create your own personal Collection. I’m confident that together we can find your dream property.

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