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Important Steps to Selling Your Home

The home selling process can be an overwhelming one for most people, mainly because it involves many moving parts. Certain details may vary slightly from state to state, but there’s no denying the list is long. Yet, it goes without saying a few are downright essential for a successful sale. Here’s a rundown of what we consider to be the most important steps to selling a home.

Choose an agent.Image depicts a circular sign with the text "Coming Soon"

Choose carefully! The listing agent you contract could be the difference between a great experience and miserable one. Ask for referrals, and interview those that are specialists in your neighborhood.

Get it ready.

Homeowners look at their home and see years of memories, but nobody wants to buy your memories. The only way your home will make a good first impression is by repairing, decluttering, cleaning, and www. Here’s how:

  • Repair: Tour your home with a critical eye to determine what needs repairing. Cosmetic issues, like grimy walls, moldy grout, and torn carpeting should not be ignored. These matters can be fixed quickly and with minimal cost.
  • Upgrade: You’ve made do with temperamental plumbing for years, but why would anyone want to pay top dollar for an unpredictable water heater? Evaluate the condition of all major appliances, plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, and roof. Repairing or replacing major ticket items might be an unexpected expense, but it prevents people from having a reason to reject your house.
  • Declutter: Cleaning out the evidence of a life well-lived will help an interested buyer see the elements of the house that are worth seeing, probably the same ones with which you fell in love. We often recommend renting a storage unit to clear out seasonal clothes, decorations, sporting equipment, and other items that prevent your home from looking spacious.
  • Clean: Once you clear things out, the next step is to clean them up! From carpets to ceiling fans, it’s important to freshen up your suddenly-spacious space.
  • Stage: Staging is the art of creating that welcoming, I-want-to-live-here feeling. While you can certainly attempt to do it yourself, we recommend hiring a professional stager. It’s worth the investment!

Image depicts the spacious formal living room of the property 2501 Northeast 37th Drive in Ft. Lauderdale FloridaSet a realistic price.

Don’t make the mistake of overpricing your home! Work with your real estate agent to determine the best price, based on other homes sold in your neighborhood. Remember, a house that lingers on the market is one a buyer’s agent will try to negotiate down.

Prepping your home for buyers is one of the most important steps to selling a house. The goal is to make your home as attractive as possible without taking up too much of your time and money.

With Compass Concierge, the Howland Group can create a tailored plan of services and upgrades to increase the value of your property. Repairing, cleaning, staging, and landscaping – you name it, we coordinate it! And, the best part is you don’t have to worry about it until your home sells. When it does, which will probably be quickly, you’ll simply add the amount invested toward the improvements into the commission.

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