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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Beat the Summer Heat

    Beat the Summer Heat

    If you read my blogs regularly, you know I love living in South Florida! I love the proximity to the ocean. I love the unique blend of cultures. I love the diversity of wildlife in the Everglades. But, what I definitely don’t love is the summer heat. This time of year, when temperatures rise into the high 90s and combine with high humidity, the omnipresent heat is intense enough to wilt the enthusiasm of even the most loyal residents. But, that doesn't mean you pack your bags and head north. Even during these hot summer months, there’s still plenty to do.
    Written by Jessica Campbell
  • Unique Summer Camp Experiences

    Unique Summer Camp Experiences

    With the school year soon coming to an end, many families are looking for summer activities for their children. For those of you who attended summer camps as children, I’m sure you have fond memories of campfires with your summer besties, cannonballing into lakes, and hiking up trails. These days, though, kids don’t even have to go out of state to enjoy new experiences. They can stay local and spend their summer learning or perfecting a sport or hobby.
    Written by Jessica Campbell