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The MPH Team

The MPH Team

Translating dreams into realities, the MPH Team inspires more than emulation. Widely recognized as one of the most innovative and prolific real estate groups in South Florida, this dedicated ensemble of uniquely qualified specialists is forever setting new standards for modern-day real estate experiences through progressive thinking and continuous improvement that prioritize client satisfaction above all else.

Encapsulating over fifty years of combined experience, the team prides itself on giving progress a permanent home by proactively guiding expectations, streamlining the buying or selling process, and creating optimal opportunities to exceed client’s goals. Having established themselves as some of the most trusted advisors in Florida’s ever-evolving real estate market, their unwavering commitment goes beyond individual transactions, anticipating long-term needs to drive intuitive, meaningful outcomes and enduring value.

Specializing in waterfront, beachfront, and Intracoastal properties in Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the Sea, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Hollywood Beach, and East Broward, the group translates even the most complex home searches into beautiful encounters between land and sea. Complemented by a proven track record of working tirelessly under a strict code of ethics, each member continues to build strong relationships within the brokerage community, empowering the team’s diverse clientele with access to a portfolio of unparalleled breadth and a network that spans not only Florida but the entire nation. 

Perhaps most importantly, the MPH team presses forward where others stop, believing that only the bold, new, and truly innovative—no matter the market—will get their clients the results they deserve. Embracing this ethos wholeheartedly with a suite of digital, virtual, and in-person offerings, they are able to pivot, maneuver, and shift at any moment so as to align themselves with the future of real estate, not simply the present.

When it comes to buying or selling in South Florida and beyond, the MPH Team remains a dedicated and accomplished ensemble ready to assist you in all of your real estate needs.